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Photo of Jian Yang

Jian Yang


W-340 Millenium Science Complex

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-865-1278 / Fax: 814-863-0490

Personal Website:


Ph.D. Polymeric Biomaterials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002

Research Interests

Our research interests are to investigate the methodology of functional biomaterial development and use the biomaterials as tools to solve unmet clinical problems. Currently, our research projects include:

  1. Development of citrate-based biodegradable elastomers
  2. Cardiovascular tissue engineering
  3. Cancer drug delivery and imaging
  4. Nerve tissue engineering
  5. Regulating stem cell fate via functional polymers
  6. Orthopedic devices and bone tissue engineering
  7. Bioinspired adhesive hydrogels
  8. Medical devices.

Representative Publications

Dipendra Gyawali, Parvathi Nair, Harry Kim, Jian Yang. Citrate-based biodegradable injectable composite for orthopedic applications. Biomaterials Science 2012 DOI:10.1039/C2BM00026A

Mohammadreza Mehdizadeh, Hong Wen, Dipendra Gyawali, Liping Tang, Jian Yang*. Injectable Citrate-Based Mussel-Inspired Tissue Bioadhesives With High Wet Strength for Sutureless Wound Closure. Biomaterials 2012 Accepted

Richard Tran, Michael Palmer, Shou-Jiang Tang, Thomas L. Abell, Jian Yang*. Injectable Drug Eluting Elastomeric Polymer: A Novel Submucosal Injection Material. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2012, 75(5): 1092-1097.

Aniket S. Wadajkar, Tejaswi Kadapure, Yi Zhang, Weina Cui, Kytai T. Nguyen*, Jian Yang*. Dual-imaging enabled cancer-targeting nanoparticles. Advanced Healthcare Materials 2012, 1(4): 450-456.

Yang Jiao, Dipendra Gyawali, Joseph M Stark, Pinar Akcora, Parvathi Nair, Richard T. Tran, Jian Yang*. A rheological study of biodegradable injectable PEGMC/HA composite scaffolds. Soft Matter 2012, 8:1499-1507

Jagannath Dey, Richard T. Tran, Jinhui Shen, Liping Tang, Jian Yang*. Synthesis and long-term in vivo evaluation of a crosslinked urethane doped polyester elastomer. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 2011 296:1149-1157

Dipendra Gyawali, Parvathi Nair, Yi Zhang, Richard Tran, Chi Zhang, Mikhail Samchukov, Marina Makarov, Harry Kim, Jian Yang*. Citric acid-derived in situ crosslinkable biodegradable polymers for cell delivery. Biomaterials 2010, 31: 9092-9105.

Richard Tran, Paul Thevenot, Dipendra Gyawali, Jung-Chih Chiao, Liping Tang, Jian Yang*. Development of a novel biodegradable elastomer featuring a dual crosslinking mechanism for soft tissue engineering. Soft Matter, 2010 6: 2449-2461

Jian Yang* (corresponding author), Santosh Gautam, Li Liu, Jagannath Dey, Wei Chen, Ralph Mason, Carlos Serrano, Kevin Schug, Liping Tang. Development of aliphatic biodegradable photoluminescent polymers. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 2009, 106:10086-10091 (Highlighted in "In This Issue" of PNAS)

Jagannath Dey, Hao Xu, Jinhui Shen, Paul Thevenot, Sudershan R. Gondi, Kytai T. Nguyen, Brent S. Sumerlin, Liping Tang, Jian Yang*. Development of biodegradable crosslinked urethane-doped polyester elastomers. Biomaterials, 2008, 46:1318-1328