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Engineering innovative solutions to modern problems in medicine and biology

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Welcome to Penn State Biomedical Engineering

Welcome to the Penn State Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). These are exciting times both in the field and our department. I am seeing more innovative and exciting research from Penn State BME than ever before. Combined with the growth our department has seen over the past several years, we truly are broadening the impact of biomedical engineering activities locally, nationally and internationally! At Penn State, BME is the nucleus of interdisciplinary activities in engineering approaches to the medical and life sciences at the University, from the College of Engineering, Medicine, Science, the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Materials Research Institute, and the Institute for CyberScience.

The Department of BME administers the undergraduate major, offering a B.S. degree, and is part of the College of Engineering. The graduate program in the Department of BME, offering a M.S., Ph.D. and M.D.-Ph.D., is a part of the university-wide Intercollege Graduate Degree Program in Bioengineering, which is made up of BME faculty and faculty from a wide variety of other disciplines.

Whether you are a looking for an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, postdoc or a business needing collaboration, our department is uniquely suited to work with you. Thank you for reaching out to us and feel free to contact us with your questions or needs.

Cheng Dong, Ph.D.
Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering


Multiple Opening for Faculty Positions

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Penn State seeks to hire multiple full-time biomedical engineering tenure-track or tenured faculty members for 2016-17 at the levels of assistant, associate and/or full professor. Please see the Biomedical Engineering faculty announcement page for more details.

Fall 2015 Department Newsletter

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is pleased to announce the Fall 2015 edition of Biomedical Engineering News. In this edition you will find articles about current research, interviews with alumni, faculty and student achievements, alumni highlights and more.

Research Laboratories

Artificial Heart and Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics Lab Artificial Heart and Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Keefe Manning



Visit the Artificial Heart Lab.



This research facility has been in existence since the early 1970s as Penn State faculty and researchers at the Hershey Medical Center and the University Park campus worked towards the development of a total artificial heart. Over the past 30 years, this work has lead to commercially available devices, which are used today.
Systematic Bioengineering Lab Systematic Bioengineering Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Pak Kin Wong



Visit the Systematic Bioengineering Lab.



We develop microfluidics and nanotechnology for probing mechanoregulation of collective cell migration during tissue morphogenesis and developing lab on a chip systems for clinical diagnostics.
Musculoskeletal Regenerative Engineering Musculoskeletal Regenerative Engineering Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Justin Brown



Visit the Musculoskeletal Regenerative Engineering Lab.



Our research focus involves applying fundamental cell biology techniques to understand how nanoscale geometries presented by synthetic biomaterial interfaces regulate cell behavior and use the knowledge gained to focus the design of scaffolds for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues.
MechanoBiology Lab MechanoBiology Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Peter Butler



Visit the Mechanobiology Lab.



Mechanobiology is the study of the interrelationship of force and biology. It is important in many areas of physiology, medicine, and medical device design. We are particularly interested in the mechanobiology of vascular endothelium and its role in vascular health and disease.
Cellular Biomechanics Cellular Biomechanics


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Cheng Dong



Visit the Cellular Biomechanics Lab.



Our goal as a lab is to understand how cancer spreads and what mechanisms that tumor cells use to move in and out of the vasculature. More importantly, we are studying how tumor microenvironment affects immune cells functions - a process is called immunoediting, and potential roles that leukocytes and endothelial cells play in tumor cells extravasation during the metastasis.
Translational Neuroimaging and Behavior Laboratory Translational Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience Lab


Principal Investigator
Dr. Nanyin Zhang



Visit the Translational Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience Lab



Our research focuses on investigating the pathophysiology of brain disorders by using neuroimaging, behavioral and genetic methods.
Microcirculation Lab Microcirculation Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Herbert Lipowsky



Visit the Microcirculation Lab.



The central focus of our laboratory is to apply engineering techniques and methods toward gaining an understanding of mechanical factors that affect the distribution of pressure and flow in the microcirculation in health and disease.
Micro and Nano Integrated Biosystem Lab Micro & Nano Integrated Biosystem Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Siyang Zheng



Visit the MINIBio Lab.



We aim at developing innovative micro and nano technologies, applying these technologies to study complicated biological systems, and provide engineering solutions to current and future healthcare.
Molecular Biomechanics Lab Molecular Biomechanics Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. William Hancock



Visit the Molecular Biomechanics Lab.



We are interested in fundamental and applied questions regarding kinesin motor proteins and microtubules. These protein machines transport intracellular cargo such as vesicles, protein complexes, and chromosomes, throughout eukaryotic cells.
Transformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Lab Transformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Jian Yang



Visit the Transformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Lab.



Innovation is life. Life is Innovation. The TBBL relies on biomaterial innovation to address unmet clinical problems. We are interested in transformative biomaterial design, biomaterial-mediated stem cell differentiation, and micro-/nano-fabrication for tissue engineering, drug delivery, medical devices, and bioimaging.
Biomolecular and Biomimetic Engineering Lab Biomolecular and Biomimetic Materials Lab


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Yong Wang



Visit the Biomolecular and Biomimetic Materials Lab.



The essential objective of our research is to apply nature and biology as design guidelines to the creation of biomimetic and bioinspired materials at both the nanoscale and macroscale level for drug delivery, clinical diagnosis, and regenerative medicine.
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The Fall 2015 Biomedical Engineering News is now out. Meet our newest faculty, learn about students traveling around the world, and current research in the department. Didn't receive the mailing? Contact Mindy Krause to be added to the mailing list to receive future updates.

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