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News from 2015

May:  Will does the Connecticut tour and gives talks in the Center for Cell Analysis and Modeling at UConn and the Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Department at Yale.

May:  Nate graduates from Penn State with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a MS in Bioengineering through the Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Graduate (IUG) program.  Congrats Nate!

April:  Scott publishes his kinesin-2 mechanochemistry paper in JBC with Dave as middle author.  Nice work gents!

April:  Mohammad Abdosamati visits for the month from Erik Schaffer’s lab in the Physics Department at the University of Tuebingen.  Welcome to Happy Valley!

April:   Will presents a talk at the Materials Research Society 2015 Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

March:  Will goes to Pittsburgh to give a talk at Carnegie Mellon in the Department of Biological Sciences.

February:  Keith, Scott, and Will present work at the Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

January: Will goes to Milan with BME colleagues to establish ties with Politecnico di Milano. Che Bello!

January: Keith goes to Philipp Kukura's lab in Oxford to do more iSCAT experiments.

January: Qingzhou passes her Candidacy Exam. Good job!

News from 2014

December: Will wins Cell Slam at the ASCB with a version of "I wish they all could be microtubules" on the uke to the tune of the Beach Boys' California Girls.

December: Yalei, Keith, Nate, and Will go to Philadelphia to present work at the ASCB meeting.

November: Qingzhou visits Shiv's lab at the University of Michigan to learn DNA Origami.

November: Yalei defends his Ph.D. Congratulations Dr. Chen!

October: Shankar and Goker's paper on multimotor coordination, in collaboration with the Tuzel lab, is published in Biophysical Journal.

October: Will publishes a Dispatch in Current Biology on a kinesin-12 paper from Puck Ohi's lab.

September: Will's review of bidirectional transport in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology is published.

September: Our paper in collaboration with the Block Lab on gating of kinesin-1 is published in PNAS.

September: Yalei and Nate's paper with Charlie Anderson on quantitative analysis of photobleaching data for large protein complexes is online in the Quantitative Biology Issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell!

July: Keith visits Philipp Kukura's lab in Oxfod for the month to do iSCAT microscopy experiments.

June: Keith passes his Candidacy Exam. Good job.

June: Undergraduates Brandon Mentley, Janak Jethva, Jake Ruddy, Chris Pfeiffer-Kelly, and Frank Weigel join the lab for summer research. Get on it, boys. Thanks to the College of Engineering for summer fellowships.

April: Our paper with the Berger Lab on kinesin-2 stepping around obstacles is published in Biophysical Journal.

February: Yalei's paper on EB1-based microtubule steering, in collaboration with Melissa Roll's lab, is published in Current Biology.

January: Qingzhou Feng in the MCIBS Program joins the lab. Welcome Qingzhou.

January: William Hancock was recently named a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. This identified he has distinguished himself through research, industry practice or education. The detailed article can be found on Penn State News article "Hancock named American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering fellow".

January: The article posted on Penn State News "Experiments show hypothesis of microtubule steering accurate" features collaborating research from the Hancock Lab.