Biomolecular and Biomimetic Materials Laboratory

PI: Dr. Yong Wang

The nature of life is to live and to understand what life is. The essence of our research is to learn from nature and to create things not existing in nature. - Dr. Yong Wang

Our research is motivated by a simple but challenging question, i.e., whether the human being can develop a biomaterial that can undergo multiple, dynamic, independent and controllable changes. The ability to address this challenging question is envisioned to have broad impacts on various fields such as separation, detoxification, sensing, bioimaging, drug delivery and regenerative medicine. Inspired by the evolution of nature, we have been applying nucleic acids and hydrogels to create innovative programmable biomaterials that can be molecularly regualted. Our effort has led to the formation of a new, promising paradigm in the fields of biomaterials and drug delivery.

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Akiho, David and Brandon graduated from Penn State .


David receives the Douglas and Regina Evans Award for Research.


An invited review paper was accepted for publication in Biomaterials (IF:8.402).


Peng's paper was accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie (IF:11.994).