Welcome to the Transformative Biomaterials and Biotechnology Lab (TBBL) at The Penn State University. Our research interests are to investigate a methodology for functional biomaterial development and use biomaterials as a tool to solve unmet clinical problems.

Currently, our research projects include: 1) Methodology for new biomaterial development; 2) soft and hard tissue engineering; 3) cancer drug delivery and imaging; 4) stem cell/biomaterial interactions; 5) micro-/nano-medical device fabrication; 6) biosensing.



In collaboration with Prof. Cheng Dong, the immune-cell mediated cancer drug delivery work was accepted by Small.


Congratulation to Jimin Kim whose sweat chloride sensing paper was just accepted by "Chemical Science". News: PSU News; Science Daily, Phys.org, Futurity (Image of the day). NIBIB news.


TBBL is proud of supporting all our undergraduate student researchers.

Congratulations to Demetrius Harris for winning "2016 Undergraduate Exhibition Award" the third place in Engineering.

Congratulations to John Fadel for having been selected for PPG Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Summer 2016.

Congratulations to Samantha Kirk for having been selected for the summer 2016 Erickson Discovery Grant.

Congratulations to Brady Goulden for his $1000 award from Office of Science Engagement at PSU.


Scaffold degradation modeling work was featured on IE Magzine. Congratulation to collaborators Dr. Li Zeng at Texas A&M and Dr. Xinwei Deng at Virginia Tech.


Congratulation to Jinshan and all co-authors, the work on antibacterial and antifungal bioglue was accepted by Biomaterials.


Dr. Jian Yang was elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows Class of 2016. Congratulations. News release (01/25/16)


Adv Mater 2014 (click polymer)
Adv Mater 2014 (BPLP-PLA)

PNAS 2009 (BPLP)
ACS Nano 2014 (In situ endothelium repair)

Chemical Science 2016

Positions Available

Postdoctoal fellow position (Please send your CV to Dr Jian Yang via email: jxy30@psu.edu to inquire the availability of positions.

PhD candidates: We are always seeking highly self-motivated and intelligent PhD students to work on biomaterials, stem cells, and tissue engineering projects. Students who have a strong background in any of the following disciplines: bioengineering, chemical engineering, material science engineering, chemistry, biology are all welcome to apply.

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