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News in mechanobiology:

This section will highlight new findings and future directions in mechanobiology.

New nanoparticle work is featured in Penn State Materials Research Institute Press Release . . .and in "Penn State Impact" Video

New reviews on mechanotransduction include: Jamney and McCulloch (link), Shu Chien (link), and Discher, et al. (link).


Cellular Mechanobiology (CMB)

Welcome to the home page of the cellular mechanobiology (CMB) lab in the department of bioengineering at Penn State University. Mechanobiology is the study of the interrelationship of force and biology. It is important in many areas of physiology, medicine, and medical device design. We are particularly interested in the mechanobiology of vascular endothelium and its role in vascular health and disease. Please explore around this website to find out more about us and our research. If you want to find out more about Penn State Bioengineering, please visit: www.bioe.psu.edu.

Lab Location: Rooms 107 and 111 Hallowell Bldg., University Park Campus

Lab Phone: (814) 865-6750

  News and Announcements:
box 11/2009: Nanoparticle work featured in Penn State Impact Video: Micro-medical frontiers

11/2008 New nanoparticle work is featured in Penn State Materials Research Institute Press Release.

05/2007 Penn State Cellular Mechanobiology Website is launched; special thanks to David Arazawa for page design
05/2007 Amit Bhatnagar earns Master's from lab; takes job in Microstrategy in Washington D.C.
05/2007 Mariana Garcia Graduates with B.S. ; Wins prestigious NSF Fellowship and others. Plans to study in Queen Mary University of London
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Keywords: Mechanotransduction, Shear stress, endothelial cells, Membrane, fluidity, rafts, caveoli, actin, cell rheology, atherosclerosis, vasodilation, focal adhesions, molecular dynamics, fluorescence, microscopy, time-correlated single photon counting, fluorescence correlation, fluorescence lifetime.